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Venice —> Munich

Updated: May 19, 2018

This afternoon, my husband accused me of being a dumpling snob.  

I can't help it.  I have high dumpling standards because of my Mom spoiling all of us with her great cooking! I had a speckknodel for lunch (bacon bread dumpling...kind of like dressing).  When we went to Hofbrauhaus this afternoon, we ordered a potato dumpling, which came with some thin gravy (hardly worthy of the word). I was not a fan. 

Germany, I think you can do better...I'll hold out hope for tomorrow! 😋

We also had pretzels, which were terrific.  We  have certainly enjoyed the Bavarian flavor of Munich!!

Today we flew from Venice to Munich.  Our hotel (cocoon)  is great...quirky and contemporary! 

It rained all afternoon and evening, but we did what we could.  We saw several beautiful churches.  In several of the churches there were organists practicing, which was so wonderful! Frauenkirche was probably my favorite.  

Asamkirche (photo 3), also called St. John Nepomuk, was so interesting.  It was built by two brothers who filled it will every possible building/architectural gimmick that there is, as sort of a "model" church for their business (designing and building  new churches).  It's wild...and tiny.  

Tomorrow we take a day trip to Rothenburg with a bus group.  We are looking forward to it and all hope that it doesn't rain! 🌞

More tomorrow! 

Gute nacht!











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