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Updated: May 19, 2018

What a surprising night! We finally made it to Venice after midnight and found a water taxi to transport us to the island.  We didn't feel like going to sleep until about Mom says, "you can sleep when you get home" (or something like that). Also, it's laundry day! ☺️

We have a charming hotel.  It was like a graveyard last night when we got in, but was a bustling hive when we left for church!

We went to Mass at St. Marks this morning and it was the most beautiful experience. The boy choir sang a Mass setting by Perosi and it was absolutely gorgeous. It was also about 95 degrees in the church, did I Mention that? Woof. There were paramedics stationed there bc it's always so hot in there in summer. 🔥🔥🔥 we were "on fire" for the Holy Spirit!! Ha ha. Michael leaned over to me and said, "my pants feel like gravy." 🌞











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