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Towers! Bridges! Churches!

Updated: May 19, 2018

Our second day in London has been fantastic!!!! We had a leisurely breakfast at Starbucks (!) and then hit the sidewalks to see some of the sites.  Yesterday we traveled by planes, trains, and we rode a boat, taxi, and hoofed it up!!!  

Our first stop was a quick look at Buckingham Palace, since it is just a few blocks from our hotel.

We returned to the Parliament area In the morning and went into Westminster Abbey for a few hours.  Lovely! Next, we took a Thames River boat cruise to the Tower of London...a nice ride on such a pleasant day! Tower Bridge is next door, so we enjoyed that view as well.  

Right next to the Tower is St Dunstan's church, a shell of any old church built by Sir Christopher Wren, first destroyed by fire, then by WW2. It's lovely, and was filled with people eating a quiet lunch amongst the garden blooms and the ruins of the church. 

We took a taxi to Trafalgar Square, where we went to the National Gallery. One piece I was fascinated with was an unfinished work by Michaelangelo! 

We ate a lovely little early dinner at an outdoor restaurant and enjoyed each others' company before our theatre night.  Michael and Pam are going to see Phantom, and we are currently in the theatre waiting for the Book of Mormon to start! I'm expecting it will be both irreverent and hilarious. ☺️









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