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THE ROMANTIC ROAD & LEBENSLUST (the joy of living)

Updated: May 19, 2018

Guten tag!

We had a great breakfast at the hotel this morning before hopping on a motorcoach tour headed to Harburg Castle and Rothenburg in northern Bavaria.  The Romantic Road is filled with all kinds of charming and historic villages.  I wish we had a car so we could drive into each one! We left the rain behind us and had a beautiful sunny day!

Harburg Castle was a great stop, for pictures and learning!

The real star of the day was Rothenburg, as I knew it would be.  I just LOVE that little town.  We went to the medieval wall for a gorgeous view overlooking the valley below.  We had a great Bavarian meal for lunch, capped off with apple strudel and plum kuchen!

Arriving back in Munich, we were met with the same pouring rain.  Oh well...we decided to go do laundry.  Quite the process, but we figured it out!












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