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The Countdown

1 month, 4 days,  14 hours until Cousin-Palooza.  

My phone app is keeping my excitement in check for our upcoming summer trip to Europe! Husband and I are traveling overseas with Cousin Michael and his lovely bride, Pam.  We are sure to have a fantastic time together, and I'm very much looking forward to it!

The reservations have all been made:  London, Venice, Munich, Salzburg, Prague.  The destination books have been studied.  Lists have been made.  Europe is trembling with excitement, I'm quite certain.  I've watched so many Rick Steves episodes online that I feel I could be a tagalong contributor! 😉

I'm not very sure about blogging, but I like to write, and I certainly enjoy sharing stories and photography from my travels, so we'll see how it goes! This blog will be my travel journal...follow along, if you're interested!

And so it goes....

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