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Round & Round

Last night, we took a short little drive to Ada, MN, to go to the Norman County Fair. What a great night we had! We were able to enjoy the lovely countryside on our drive up and back, witnessing a gorgeous sunset along the way.

We also had our share of "fair food." Michael had walleye fingers (fingers? sounds fishy to me) and I succumbed to the ever-popular corndog.  We shared a sweet funnel cake, sweet as the days of old at Valley Fair, while we watched "world championship" wrestling.


When it got dark, I was able to play with some long exposures and light painting.  I really like that kind of thing.  It really allows you to be creative and imagine the different ways you can see things.  What happens in the blink of an eye looks and feels so different when more time is taken, especially those things that go round and round.

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