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Near or Far

Make an effort to get out to explore places, near and far.  Not all my favorite travel photos come from far-away destinations.  Some of them are born out of a little evening drive to the neighboring county.  This abandoned school house is right at the corner of Hwy 200 and 32, just east of Ada, MN.  It was perfect timing to arrive at this spot during the sunset that evening.  Orange and purple really do go together!

The message is clear---there is ALWAYS something beautiful to behold out in the world, near or far.  God has blessed us with so much beauty in nature.  We just need to look for it. We have be willing to notice...making a point to be mindful and thankful for the things around us.

And then, when we feel blessed to be able to travel farther and see more of God's wonderful world...the beauty of that experience can mean even more!

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