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London —> Venice

Updated: May 19, 2018

Good afternoon from Gatwick Airport! We'd all rather say something else, as our flight to Venice is delayed three hours.  Yuck.  Our water taxi to Venice during sunset has now turned into an arrival after midnight, possibly scrambling to find transportation to the island.  I did not bring my swim fins.  🏊🏼 😂

We've had a great day though, and really can't complain.  We had fish and chips, went to St Pauls Cathedral, Millenium Bridge, the Globe Theatre, and the Tate Museum.  We tried to go to the Churchill War Rooms, but the line was moving too slowly for us to make it.  

We rode the double decker bus all around town today before taking the train back to Gatwick, where we zipped through the shuttle and  security.   Now we wait.  

How many airport snacks can you eat? ☺️









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