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Updated: May 19, 2018

20 days, 15 hours, 17 minutes until Cousin-Palooza!

As our trip draws near, we are beginning to take care of all the final details...confirming reservations, purchasing tiny little toothpastes and shampoos, measuring suitcases, and giving pre-emptive cuddles and reassurance to our nervous-nelly pup, Murphy.

Yesterday, as I was checking out our new suitcase, he crawled inside and started trembling intermittently, looking up at me with his signature look...big, watery eyes (pictured here) .  

He REALLY dislikes it when we leave. A good trip "departure" for us (really, for HIM) usually means carefully orchestrated doggie subterfuge, involving sneaking suitcases and bags out to the car while dogs are outside, and then pretending we are just going to work for the day, performing only the most perfunctory "goodbye" so that he doesn't suspect anything. Oh,'re so sweet.

We are carrying-on for our 12 day trip, and I'm kind of excited about that.  My nerdy organizational senses are tingling with the opportunity to pack as little as possible to haul around Europe, as we're traveling on planes, trains, and automobiles.  I have packing cubes and space saving bags at the ready.  My Pinterest Board is teeming with destinations, travel tips, and lovely photos as inspiration for things to see!  I'll share some of those next time!

For now, I'm busy trying to get through all my Rick Steves' travel guides...which I HIGHLY recommend, BTW.  I've read the pocket guides to London, Venice, Munich, and Prague, and am now working on Europe Through the Back Door---full of handy travel tips and reminders for both the first-timer and the repeat European travelers!  Next up is Europe 101:  History and Art.  Really, his travel books are the best.  They are full of honest and helpful information, reliable reviews, and funny, sarcastic comments.  Best of all, the photos, high quality glossy

paper, and succinct writing make these travel guides essential for any upcoming Europe trip.  Here's a link to his online site  with travel tips.

Here endeth the commercial. :)

For me, the ONLY thing better than traveling someplace wonderful and experiencing new things, is the planning and anticipation of it! :)  

Here's to 20 more days of that enjoyment!












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