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Canada —> London

Updated: May 19, 2018

After meeting our travel companions in the morning, we drove to Winnipeg for our flight. It was a pretty drive. The canola fields are in full bloom, a big, beautiful sea of neon yellow! The Winnipeg airport was wonderful I every way. Not only did we save $800 per person on the flight price, but the airport is easy to get to, modern, full of light, and spacious! 

After a quick connection to Toronto, we boarded the red eye (Air Canada Rouge) ☺️ for London. It was a quick night, with a late meal, early sunrise, and not much sleep. But...who cares, we'll be in London in about 45 minutes. As I type, we are starting our descent. It's exciting!

After landing at Gatwick, we will take the Gatwick Express train to Victoria Station, which is a few short blocks from our hotel (and Buckingham Palace). We are going to do a hop in hop off bus ticket, as it's a great way to get around to all the main sites and have a bit of a tour and transportation provided as well. I heard mention of fish and chips by the boys, so wil post that later. 🐟 I think we may also do the London Eye at sunset tonight, which promises to be beautiful.  

I hear landing gear grumbling beneath my feet so I guess if better finish so I can shut my phone down. Talk to you at the end of the day!













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