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Updated: May 19, 2018

What a fantastic day! Every Czech molecule was tingling as we drove through Bohemia all day! It was awesome!

We took a new service called Day Trip to transfer from Salzburg to Prague.  Our guide and driver, Martin, was fantastic.  His English was wonderful and he regaled us with historical and cultural information as we went down the tree lined roads! We chose sight seeing destinations a la carte along the way.  We stopped in Hallstatt, Austria to see that lovely little village.  It was absolutely sublime.  

We left the rain behind us for good and entered Bohemia from the south, driving to Cesky Krumlov where we stopped to visit the town and castle for a few hours.

Pisek was our next stop.  Pisek, Czech Rebublic. ☺️🇸🇽

It was a quiet, charming little town of about 30000 people.  Even though it was a Friday night it was very quiet. We walked to the large church and then the oldest stone church in the Czech Republic.  It was so lovely and heartwarming to be in a place of my roots.  My heart swelled.  It really did. 

We arrived in Prague and were dropped off at our hotel, which is an authentic baroque era hotel.  It is less than a block away from the historic Charles Bridge.  Wowza!!!!!! 😳 We ate an authentic Czech restaurant recommended by Martin, and headed up the four twisting and tilted wooden staircases up to our room.  Baroque era hotel charm comes with a price! 😂 

We are now sitting in McDonalds next to our hotel getting coffee to start our day it's a really, REALLY classy McDonald's.  I'm serious.  It's surprising.  

Thanks for following along! 

Oh...and kolaches...See you later! 😍













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